e|motion group protagonist in the annual ‘Top Executives Meeting’ of Tennis Europe

28nd November 2019

Edwin Weindorfer, CEO of e|motion group and promoter of the Mallorca Championships, has been one of the speakers at the meeting of the European tennis elite in Madrid.

Last week, Tennis Europe organized the traditional annual meeting of the European tennis executive elite during the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. More than 100 executive directors of up to 35 different nationalities attended one of the most important meetings of the year for european tennis.

E|motion Group, with its CEO Edwin Weindorfer, had a very outstanding place in this meeting since he was one of the 15 speakers who had the opportunity to offer an executive talk to the rest of the directors gathered there. Speakers who not only came from the world of tennis, but some of them were related to some of the most powerful brands in the world of sports such as football (UEFA and LaLiga) or basketball (NBA).

Weindorfer wanted to focus his presentation on the strategic collaboration that e|motion group has boosted with Wimbledon. Also, on how this union has served so that the three grass events that the Austrian group manages (the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, the Grass Court Championships in Berlin and Mallorca Championships itself) are constantly growing.

As Weindorfer explained it, grass tennis has favourable and very special conditions in relation to sponsorship and collaborations. Conditions that focus on three basic axes such as tradition, exclusivity and prestige.

The best example is the Mercedes Cup. The grass tournament held in Stuttgart has managed to use these three axes to increase the net value of its sponsorship by 455% in the 2014-2019 period. This success formula is the one that emotion group will strategically replicate in its two new grass events that will take place from 2020 in Mallorca and Berlin.